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Smart Parking

Smart Parking is a IOT based solution that will help in filling parking spots in the lot with enhanced user experience in terms of Parking. Parking guidance solution will direct the motorists to the right parking spot. The project is being developed using HTML 5 angular JS based frame work, web services, uses location services to track location, uses phone gap to access the native functionality of the phone, talks to the IOT sensor data of parking meters. This Application has feature like 1. Up to date Parking Information 2. Navigate to empty spot 3. Reserve a spot 4. Notifications 5. Find My vehicle 6. Payment. At Any given time there are drivers on roads looking for parking spaces. Search results in lot of wastage of resources including environment impact in terms of emissions. IOT bases sensors sends the right data points to get to the pre determined parking space.

Good Accuracy of the smart Parking App helps in identifying the right parking space and better user of the parking lot and thereby reducing user frustration.

Cost effective solution for a intelligent parking with good versatility and easy to install app.